01. Are all ads FREE?

Yes posting Ads is 100% FREE. We provide real, genuine Caribbean FREE Classifieds.  A platform where people are posting ads – not robots.  No tricks, hidden fees or geographical barriers. Consistency since inception in 2005.

02. How many Ads can I post?

You can post unlimited FREE Ads. Please be honest and responsible. Do not procrastinate (also read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions).

There are also Featured Ads for which you must pay which gives your Ad/s more exposure at affordable rates.

03. Do You have any other types of Ads?

Yes.  We have Featured Ads and Premium Ads.

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04. How can I pay for my Ads?

You can purchase your paid ads via PayPal or using Credit Cards.

For the Premium Ads please see next question ‘Describe Premium Ads’.

05. Describe Premium Ads

Premium Ads are top level ads.  They are the most compact type of Ads offered with highest level of exposure and leads generated which converts to higher dollar value. They are limited in availability, so sign up for your top position in our Classifieds.

06. How long does my Ads stay on your site?

You can set any duration for the FREE Ad – 7 days, 30 days or 365 days.   You can log in at any time and ‘manage your ads’ by making changes (deleting, editing, adding).

Posting My Ad

07. How do I submit a free post?

Follow the steps below to to submit a free post to Caribbeanfreeads.com

  1. Click on ‘Post Your Ad’ button.
  2. Select ‘Register’ which is next to the ‘Login’ button to the upper left part of your screen, and enter the necessary information.
  3. Click the ‘Submit’ button. Now you are in and ready to go.
  4. Just click on the ‘Post Your Ad’ again to start entering your ad.
  5. Check back in an hour while waiting for approval of your ad (Yes, each ad is reviewed and approved by a member of our team, not automated by robots to ensure the highest visibility and accuracy for optimum performance of your ad.)

Remember to make a ‘strong’ password enter more than eight characters ( a combinations of numbers, letters and other characters i.e ‘, “, # etc.)

08. Can I add photos or videos

Yes you can add multiple photos and one (1) embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo.  Please check specs for each to make Your Ad pop.

09. How do I attach/prepare photos?

Make sure you own copyright/permission for all photos obtained or used in your Ads (also read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.  Also, be sure to use photos of high resolution, clarity and quality.

10. How do I attach/prepare video?

Make sure you own copyright/permission for the video you obtained or used in your Ad (also read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions).   For YouTube please check  YouTube-HELP. For Vimeo please check Vimeo-HELP.  If you are still having problems, we are here to help you please contact us.

11. How can I manage my Ads?

Click on the LOGIN (which is to the upper left side your screen) to log into Your Account and your dashboard.

You can edit all your personal data and ad content.  This also includes status of ALL your Ads and report of your acquired offers.

12. How to get in touch with Ad poster?

It is simple and easy.  Just enter the required information needed on the right of the add under ‘Contact Owner’. This is our new feature which allows you to contact the owner of the Ad directly and ask questions before making contact via phone or your personal email account.

Other avenues and ways to do this obviously depends on the owner of the Ad.

13. Where is my posting?

Did you press the ‘Submit’ button and you do not see your ad in our ‘Ads’ section?  Or have you already posted an Ad and can no longer find it?

Well most likely, it is because of one of the following reasons;-

  1. It has not been approved yet by the Administrator.  Please wait a full hour then contact us.
  2. There is a problem with your Ad.  Your post might have been deleted for non-compliance with terms of use, site guidelines, and/or community norms.
    Please read our Terms & Conditions to ensure that you are within the rules.  If you believe that you are feel free to contact us.Index pages and search results are updated every 15 minutes. You may need to refresh/reload the index page.
  3. If unable to locate a post using search, make sure the keyword used actually appears in the post.
  4. Index pages and search results are updated every 30 minutes. You may need to refresh/reload the index page.
  5. Make sure to look in the correct category (e.g. Business, Community, Home & Garden etc.).
  6. Postings eventually expire.

Tips to make Your FREE Ad special

01. Does this apply to ALL type of Ads?

Of course, whether it is a paid or unpaid ad, they will all be made more attractive.

02. Why should I follow up on 'address/location'?

Main reason being, your Ad will be more visible to potential interested parties. We provide advanced methods – 100% compliant to the world market tools in this industry.

You’ll never know where your potential is unless you open all your possibilities using this feature. So, entering honest data about ad location will make your Ad more valuable.

For example, you can choose not to disclose the complete address by moving the  ‘pin’ on the map to the most approximate location for the address to appear automatically.  This brings higher potential interest per location – localizing your ad to all potential interest per your location.

03. Descriptions are editable!

This is a well known category but most posters forget how important it actually is!?  Do not get confused if you miss some details because you can always come back and EDIT your description. This is the power of online Ads –  they are editable!  See more tips in ‘How can I make my Ad go viral?’ below.

04. Do I have to put TAGS?

So, the importance of having tags in Classifieds is huge! What are TAGS? – click here for definition.

This is a big step forward especially for advertisers with long term postings.  Now, TAG or TAGS ( first of all could be one or more,  whereby more is better) in your Ad post gives you more exposure on the internet. When search engine robots hit Caribbean Classifieds they are looking for TAGS so, if you did your job correctly your Ad will pop up everywhere.

05. How to use TAGS?

Now, how will you put TAGS in your Ad.

For example, if you are selling a vehicle, a jeep, Toyota brand –  your tags will be every word or phrase that identifies with it, to help expose your ad to the right audience searching for this type of ad.

Common Tags for this type of post would be:


note:  every word or phrase has to have a comma after it or at the end of it.

06. How can I make my Ad go viral?

In order to make your Ad/s more viral follow all the tips above and

  1. Use hyperlinks in the description of your ad (select the text you want to add/insert link to and click on the ‘insert/edit link’ button
  2. Add as many clear and related photos that you can
  3. Add a video (Youtube or Vimeo video where you ask them to subscribe if interested)
  4. Make a call to action link or button (which directs your viewers to you, your website, your event, your Social Media page/s)
  5. Use our Social Media buttons on your ads to Share on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter
  6. Feature your Ad(s) with us
  7. Assume one of the Top Positions in our Classifieds

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