CANNABIS OIL & MARIJUANA CONCENTRATES FOR SALE I am Dr. Dunning Gregg we have worked on drugs for 6 years now and worked only with countries (U.S.A and Canada and 2

years ago Canada included) that we had safe and reliable means of delivering our products, now we have expanded to the Caribbean as well, we want the world to have the

best quality and genuine products. We are Top suppliers of medical marijuana, Cannabis Oil (cure for cancer), Edibles, Wax, Dabs and Hash etc. Also we want all my

clients to know that we’ve got EXPRESS OVERNIGHT SHIPPING SERVICES READY for those who want us to deliver. Strains available such as: *Afghan Kush Grade:::::::A+

*Green Crack Grade::::::::AA Skywalker OG Kush Grade::::::::A+ *sour Diesel Grade::::::::A+ Top Shelf *Grand Daddy Purple Grade:::::::: A *Sensi Star x ak47

Grade:::::::: AAA *Northern Lights #5 ::::::::Grade: A+ *Lemon drop: Grade:::::::: A+ *Purple Kush:::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf *OG Kush :::::::Grade: A++ Top *purple-

urkle::::::::Grade: AA *Girl Scout Cookies::::::::Grade: A+ *Blue Dream: Grade:::::::: A+ *Bubba Kush Grade:::::::: A * AK stone ( newly added ) -OG Kush (I) –

Granddaddy purple aka G.D.P (I) -Grapefruit O.G. (I) -The blue dreamer (S) -Diadem grade AA (+) -All-Star game Kush (H) -Chemdawg-4 (H) -Blueberry -Jack Herrer outdoor

(S) – Or / D Sour Diesel (H) -Lavender Purple (I) -Bubba Kush -Master Kush -Purple Kush -Kush-ultra –Train reck -White window -Skunk -Sour diesel -Afghan Kush -Andante

from heaven -Lemon drop -Ak-47 *Kandy Kush Grade::::::::A *Mango Kush Grade:::::::: A- *Blueberry Yum Grade:::::::: Grade: A+++ *Death Star: Grade:::::::: A+ *Sour OG

Kush Grade:::::::: A++ Top Shelf *Blue cheese Grade::::::::A *Cali Orange Bud (C.O.B.):Grade::::::::A++ *Super Silver Haze: Grade::::::::A+ *White Rhino: Grade::::::::

A+ *White Widow: Grade::::::: A+ *Pineapple Express Grade::::::: A+++++ *Blueberry Grade:::::::A+ And we also have many others with top shelf of high quality with good

taste and taste like. Ginger. Crinkle. Marshmallow. Ruby… Cocoa. Teddy. snowflake. Peppermint. Cookie. Jerry. Cringle. Tinsel. Dash. Jingle. Holly. Candy. Carole.

Blitz. Topper. Trixie and more… get in touch with us for more information, call or text +23771457811 or Email to and i will reply you with

details of your order.
Thanks Dr. Gregg.

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